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Driving impact with engaging science-led climate, energy, and sustainability education

Why Climate Education?

Data shows that ambitious corporate climate action is critical to maintaining a habitable planet but it is also critical to attracting and retaining an engaged, high-quality workforce. 

With nearly 70% of workers stating that a company's environmental record is a factor in seeking a job, bringing accessible, practical climate education to your workforce is more important than ever before.

Drive greater climate impact, faster, with a custom education and engagement program that will:
  • Clearly explain basic climate change concepts, terms, impact, and mitigation pathways through engaging audio, visual, and written content.

  • Illustrate your climate action narrative, making the opportunity to affect change more positive and accessible.

  • Provide simple, actionable steps your workforce can take to support and enhance a culture of climate-mindedness.

Virtual, On Demand, & Live

"One of our most important missions is to share information about climate solutions in ways that are unbiased and easily accessible. Climate Now has the highest standards for those goals." Roger Aines, Energy Program Chief Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"I am extremely grateful for the algorithms that led Climate Now to me. Climate Now combines my my passions: Sustainable Engineering, Innovation, and STEM Education." Ozak Esu, Technical Project Manager R&D at Hilti Group
"Climate Now does an excellent job of explaining climate issues in a way that inspires action at every level. If we know more, we can do more. Climate Now is really informative on how we can all play a part in protecting our planet." Apple Podcast Review

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About Climate Now

Climate Now is a Science and Education Webby nominated multimedia platform explaining the key scientific ideas, technologies, and policies relevant to solving the global climate crisis and reaching a net zero future.

We produce public-facing podcasts and videos featuring interviews with world-leading experts to anchor climate discourse in hard science while making it accessible to a broad global audience. Our network of experts, scientific rigor, and audio and visual production expertise make us unique and impactful.

We also partner with mission-aligned organizations to educate, engage, and influence stakeholders towards informed climate action.

Together, we can share the knowledge we need, for the future we want.